… Marriage

A strong Christian marriage will produce a strong home.  Strong homes make stronger churches.  Strong churches make stronger societies.  And it all begins with The Lord first, and then with our marriage. Praying that these posts will encourage and strengthen you and your marriage.

 Beginning at the Beginning

It Is Not Good

So, What Is a Help Meet Anyway?

Why the Struggle?

A Simple Test

Submission: A Journey of the Heart 

Submission and the Dinosaur Called Headship

In Every Thing

Her Husband’s Heart

No More Tug-o-War

You Can Be a Crown

Peanuts on the Porch

What Is a Meek and Quiet Spirit?

Qualities of a Good Wife

Marriage Is Honorable and the Bed Undefiled

What Do You Mean Submit?

The Unwise Woman

Authority Speaks – Are You Listening?

Submit or Resist?

The Mystery of Marriage

Am I a Pleasant Wife?

The Beauty of a Meek and Quiet Spirit

First Things First

A “Secret” to Submission

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