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Donna Blackwell - Christian wife and mother, grandmother, school principal, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe that all we do should be guided by truth and love. Donna Blackwell – Christian wife and mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe that all we do should be guided by truth and love.

Almost 37 years ago, I became a Christian. Although I had heard about Jesus all of my life, I truly did not see my need for him as my Savior.  Married for about six years and the mother of a determined little two-year-old boy, I found myself in great need. Struggling with everyday life and searching for answers, I heard a very challenging message about who Jesus Christ really is.  That message, combined with the struggles that I faced, compelled me to search for truth.

Based upon the example that my mother had lived before me, I got a Bible and with a red pencil in hand, I began to read and search for the answers to the questions about who Jesus Christ really is. I had settled it in my mind that if I found Him to be a liar and imposter, I would leave the church and never raise my child in a lie!

But, praise be to God, what I found was a glorious, righteous, and Holy God who had come to earth and died for all of my sins, my faults, and my failures. It was then that I entered into this blessed life that I now live.

Little by little, and step by step, as I learned more and more of the Bible, my life changed.  My marriage was totally reborn. I learned for the first time how to be a loving and patient mother to my precious son.  I began to understand my calling in this life, and I began to understand what it meant to live in the grace and mercy of God.

As I began learning how to minister  to my family, The Lord began to place other Christian ladies in my path.  Those ladies were such an encouragement to me, and at times The Lord also allowed me to be an encouragement to them.  Amazingly, God continued to grow me and to allow me to encourage other Christian women, sometimes by speaking to them and at other times through writing.

This blog, Wisdom and Kindness, was recently birthed as a continuation what God had already called me to do. By His grace, I hope to provide fond and sometimes hard memories, real-life experiences, Bible truth, and gracious words woven together to encourage you in the faith.  I’m sure that I will post writings from the past, but will also write posts from the current moments of life.

This is somewhat of a new venture for me. I have never written a blog.  Should The Lord so lead you, please pray for me, so that this blog may grow into all that He desires it to be!

Now, enough about me! Time to be about the Father’s business!

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  1. Loving the way you write. Looking forward to your blog. The way you live daily has always been such a testimony to me. You are a very special lady. Thank you for being submissive to God so he can use you. Love you Robin


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