… Encouragement

In our Christian walk, we each need encouragement.  The Lord Himself gave us His Word, as well as the Holy Spirit to encourage us in this journey on earth,  but He also gave us the church and one another for encouragement and edification along the way.  May this blog serve as one tiny piece of that great calling.

Coming Home

A Willing Heart

About My Father’s Business

What Is a Meek and Quiet Spirit?

Where Are the Nine?

Who Is My Neighbor?

Some of the Better Things

Wisdom of An Aged Grandmother

What Do You Do When You Are Discouraged?

The Higher Life

Authority Speaks – Are You Listening?

Word for the Day – Faith

Living for the Great Things

Submit or Resist?

Dead or Alive, or Both?

Being Modest in an Immodest World

An Unexpected and an Uncertain Journey

The Goodness of Affliction

God’s Design for the Christian Heart

The Work of Our OWN Hands

The Beauty of a Meek and Quiet Spirit

Keeping Our Hearts

Because of Who We Are

Dressed Appropriately

Learning to Walk

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