Reading the Bible Together – Day 43

DAY 43

A.M. Reading: Genesis 45

Genesis 45 Questions Worth Pondering:

How can you see Joseph’s heart toward his brothers as he makes himself known to them?

Why does Joseph say they have no need to be grieved or angry with themselves?

What does Joseph repeat three times about God?

What message does Joseph tell them to deliver to their father?

How did he and his brothers react to one another after Joseph revealed all these things?

What does Pharaoh instruct when he hears of Joseph’s brothers?

Why would Joseph encourage them not to become troubled along the way?

How does Isaac respond to the amazing news about Joseph?

A “think” question: Do not be grieved or angry with yourselves … for it was not you who sent me here but God … He sent me before you to preserve life – Joseph’s astonishing words! In spite of all that had happened to Joseph, how can we see that he had come to understand both the sovereignty and goodness of God? How would this understanding influence Joseph’s forgiveness toward his brothers?

How might this truth apply in your life?

P.M. Reading: Genesis 46

Genesis 46 Questions Worth Pondering:

Recall God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob about their descendants and the land.

Why was it so important for Israel to hear the message the Lord gave him in Beersheba?

Therefore, what did Israel and his family do?

Recall that the covenant also said that all nations would be blessed through Abraham and his seed. The Messiah was to come through them.

What purpose then, would all these Old Testament genealogies serve?

Joseph’s people (Hebrews) would live in Goshen, separately from the Egyptians.

A “think” question: How did the Egyptians view the Hebrews? How would this view and the Hebrews living apart in Goshen help to keep Israel’s people from intermingling and intermarrying with the Egyptians? Why would this be important in light of God’s covenant?

One more “think” question: How do we see God perfectly caring for His people as difficult circumstances come? How does that truth encourage you today?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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