Reading the Bible Together – Day 42

DAY 42

A.M. Reading: Genesis 43

Genesis 43 Questions Worth Pondering:

Why did Jacob tell his sons to return to Egypt?

How does Judah respond?

How do the brothers reinforce Judah?

What does Judah promise Jacob about protecting Benjamin?

Reread Genesis 37:26-28. What had Judah been willing to do to Joseph?

What is different in his treatment of Benjamin?

How does Jacob (Israel) finally respond?

When Joseph saw Benjamin, what does he do?

Why are his brothers afraid?

How does the steward of Joseph’s house reassure them?

When Joseph comes in to dine with them, what do the brothers do?

How do we see Joseph’s dream from his youth fulfilled once again?

What were Joseph’s words to Benjamin?

What was Joseph’s heart toward Benjamin?

Why did he go into his chambers?

Why were the brothers astonished as they were seated for dinner?

Did the brothers seem to react negatively to Benjamin when he was given special treatment?

In the past, how had they reacted to Joseph being treated specially by their father?

A “think” question: How can we see, as Joseph insists on their bringing Benjamin and this “test” as he give sBenjamin special treatment, that he is trying to find out how the brothers treat Benjamin? Did they treat Benjamin as they had treated Joseph all those years before? What is he determining about his brothers?

P.M. Reading: Genesis 44

Genesis 44 Questions Worth Pondering:

As Joseph’s brothers prepare to leave, what does Joseph instruct his steward to do?

Explain Joseph’s plan. By putting the cup in Benjamin’s sack, how will he again test his brothers?

How do the brothers defend themselves?

Why is it significant that the one found with the cup would become a slave in Egypt?

How do they react when the cup is found in Benjamin’s sack?

How do they respond to the statement that Benjamin would be a slave, but they could return to their father in peace?

Compare the brothers scheming together to sell Joseph into slavery with their plea to prevent Benjamin from being taken into slavery. What are your insights?

What difference is seen in Judah in the two incidents?

What is Judah’s final plea?

A “think” question: Joseph was described as a wise and discerning man. How can you see his wisdom and discernment in all his dealings with his brothers?

Note: Often readers question Joseph’s cup of “divination”. Based upon the context in this passage, Bible scholars generally agree that this term was used as part of the plan with which Joseph would test his brothers. Such a cup (made of silver, belonging to the second in command in Egypt, and used for “divination”) would have been very valuable and would also cause the brothers to believe that is why he “divinely” knew things about them. Stealing such a cup would place the “thief” in grave danger. There is no scriptural evidence that Joseph actually used the cup for divination. However, there is much evidence that God was with Joseph and blessed Joseph and that Joseph walked with God.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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