… Every Wise Woman Devotional

The wise woman builds her house,                     

But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.

Proverbs 14:1

Written in brief devotional style, the posts found here are focused on single truths of Scripture, built one upon another. They are designed to be used as daily meditation thoughts. May the Lord Himself take His truths deep into our hearts and apply them to our daily lives.

1. Every Wise Woman – Introduction

2. The Beginning of Wisdom

3.In the Beginning God …

4. In the Beginning God Created

5. God’s Creation – The Man

6. God’s Creation – The Woman

7. The Beauty of One Flesh

8. One Flesh – A Great Mystery

9. The Subtlety of Deception

10. The Tragedy of Sin

11. The Joy of Redemption

12. Let’s Build

13. She Does Him Good

14. See To It!

15. Submission – More Than Permission

16. The Beauty of a Meek and Quiet Spirit