… Testimonies

Sharing Your Story, one of the components of Wisdom and Kindness, provides a place for women to anonymously share their stories.  This category was developed with the ultimate intent of emphasizing God’s faithfulness, even in the difficulties and struggles of life. Each story is true. Each story is anonymously written.  Each story is written to proclaim the hope that is found in The Lord! May The Lord bless!

Susan’s Story: A Crumbling Marriage

Nancy’s Story: Becoming a Help Meet

Julianna’s Story: From Resentment to Respect

Vanessa’s Story: God’s Faithfulness to the Single Woman

Rachel’s Story: A Difficult Husband

Katherine’s Story: An Unfaithful Husband

Judith’s Story: A Woman of Strength and Honor

Anabelle’s Story: No Respect for Him

Kara’s Story:  Learning to Build

Julia’s Story: Enter the Elk!

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