Reading the Bible Together – Day 17

DAY 17

Just as God saw Hagar in her affliction … He is still the God who sees … and in Him we can trust!

A.M. Reading: Genesis 16

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Years had passed since the covenant that God had made with Abram. God had told Abram that Eliezer, his servant, would not be the heir. One who would come from Abram’s own body would be his heir.

Yet, what does this passage say about Sarai, Abram’s wife?

How then, does Sarai attempt to bring about God’s promise that Abram would indeed have a son?

What is the result of her actions?

In Galatians 4, the Apostle Paul uses this story as an example. In verse 23 he indicates that this child of Hagar’s was “born according to the flesh”. This child was NOT the child which God had promised in the covenant with Abram.

How does this work of Sarai’s hands … this work according to the flesh … work out?

Can a work of the flesh ever produce the promises of God?

Who fulfills His Word and all His promises?

Yet, as Hagar flees, who does she encounter?

What does she learn about God?

What does God reveal about the son which will be born to her?

How can we see God being gracious to Hagar in her affliction?

But is Ishmael the son of God’s promise?

Will this stop God from fulfilling His promise?

The Scriptures will reveal that answer!

Forgiveness is from the Lord! A new creation … old things have passed away; behold all things have become new!

P.M. Reading: John 8:1-11

John Questions Worth Pondering:

What is the setting as Chapter 8 begins?

Why is Jesus in the temple?

Why did the scribes and Pharisee bring the woman to Jesus? What is is their true reason?

How did Jesus deal with their subtle trickery?

What happened to all of the woman’s accusers?

Then, how did Jesus respond to the woman?

What can we learn about sin from Jesus’ dealing with this woman?

What do we learn about Jesus?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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