Reading the Bible Together – Day 16

DAY 16

A.M. Reading: Genesis 15

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

God speaks to Abram once again.

Why is Abram not to fear?

What does Abram ask God about his heir?

How does God respond?

Verse 6 is foundational for understanding the Bible and salvation.

What does verse 6 mean?

All of Romans 4 explains much about Abraham’s faith. Read verses 21-22.

Using those verses explain faith.

Now, thinking about the truths we have been learning in John, what does Jesus keep telling the people what leads to eternal life?

Is faith trusting ourselves? Is faith trusting God to do what WE want Him to do?

Using the example of Abraham, and the truth Jesus (and the Apostles) taught, what is true faith?

God then demonstrates the covenant promise He is making as he puts Abram to sleep and carries out a ceremonial type process, customary between two parties entering a covenant. What does God do?

Would this covenant be dependent upon Abram, or upon God alone?

Throughout this whole chapter God reveals all that He will do for Abram and his descendants.

In verse 6, what was the only thing that Abram did?

How do these truths apply today?

P.M. Reading: John 7

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Even though later Jesus’ brothers would become believers, how do they respond to Jesus at this time?

(Important note: Two of the books of the New Testament were written by two of Jesus’ brothers … James and Jude.)

As you read chapter 7, make a list of all the different responses that people had to Jesus. List ALL their comments.

What does Jesus claim about His teaching?

Who does He consistently claim has sent Him?

In the midst of all the division, complaints, and confusion, are there yet some who believe?

What verse shows that?

Give an example where once again Jesus is speaking spiritual truth, but because they are hearing in “physical” terms, they don’t understand.

What symbolism does He use to teach of the Holy Spirit?

Had the Holy Spirit come yet? Why not?

Even in the midst of all of the accusations and them seeking to take Him and kill Him, Jesus continues to do and speak as the Father has told Him.

Think deeply upon these truths.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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