Reading the Bible Together – Day 4


Have you ever felt as though the Lord has spoken to your heart saying, “What is this that you have done?” Rather than blaming another, may we humbly confess to the Lord who is the God of loving grace and great mercy.

A.M. Reading: Genesis 3:9-24

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

As you recall, the woman had been deceived by believing the lies of the serpent, and she and Adam consequently both disobeyed God. We left them hiding from the presence of God.

Does God leave them hiding?

Who does He address first? Next?

What is the common factor in their responses?

Does God allow their shifting the blame to another to excuse their action?

How would that apply to our lives today?

Did you notice that God didn’t even question the serpent?

But God holds each accountable for their actions.

Briefly describe the consequences declared regarding the serpent … regarding the woman … regarding the man.

Now here are some “think” questions.

Obviously because of God’s design of the female body, she was designed to bear and nurture children. And Scripture tells us she was created from the man’s side to be a help and companion to him. How are the consequences to the woman related to the very purpose for which she was created – as a mother and wife?

Likewise, how were the man’s consequences related to the purpose for which God had created him – to till and keep the garden and to cleave to his wife and be one flesh with her?

And finally, how did their consequences affect their relationship with God? How can you still see His loving provision for the man and woman, even after their sin? Why is that significant?

How do all of these truths apply today?

P.M. Reading: John 1:32-50

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Add to your list of who Jesus is.

In your own words, describe the truths about Jesus that you see are building.

How do the disciples respond to Jesus?

Why would Andrew want to tell his brother about Jesus?

What should be our response to Jesus? Why?

Why would we want to tell others about Him?

May the word of Christ dwell richly within!

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