Reading the Bible Together – Day 20

DAY 20

As God spoke of Abraham, may we, too, be found faithful.

A.M. Reading: Genesis 18:16-33

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

As the men depart from Abraham, God determines to reveal another purpose for which these men have come to this region.

Why doesn’t God hide these plans from Abraham?

How does God describe Abraham?

Using God’s words, describe Sodom and Gomorrah.

What are the men going to determine?

Even though God is sovereign in all His purposes, what do we find that Abraham does?

As Abraham intercedes for Sodom, how does God respond?

Do you recall who lives in Sodom?

What is God’s final word to Abraham concerning Sodom?

What can we learn about our freedom to bring our requests to God?

P.M. Reading: John 10

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Immediately following the Pharisees’ and Jews’ response to Jesus giving the blind man His sight, Jesus turns and begins to teach.

What metaphor (symbolic example) does He use?

The people understood well about shepherds and caring for sheep. Through these examples, Jesus will teach spiritual truth.

What was the only true way to enter the sheepfold?

How does the shepherd enter?

List all the things the shepherd does for the sheep.

How do the sheep know their shepherd?

What then do they do concerning the shepherd?

Did the people understand His illustration?

Jesus speaks the truths again.

What truth is Jesus teaching when He says “I am the door”?

Contrast why the thief comes and why Jesus came.

What truth is Jesus teaching when He says “I am the Good Shepherd”?

Contrast the hireling with the Good Shepherd.

How does Jesus indicate that some of the Gentiles will also be His sheep and follow Him?

Describe the relationship between the Father and the Son.

Once again, what occurred among the Jews as a result of Jesus’ teaching?

Jesus again returns to the metaphor of the sheep.

What are the things that Jesus gives to His “sheep”?

When Jesus said, “I and My Father are one”, what did the Jews do? Why?

Had they ever done this before? Why?

Division, accusations, confusion once again. And the attempt to kill Him once again.

Yet, as He goes beyond Jordan, how did many respond to Him there?

How can you see Jesus bring His sheep to Himself?

Think about the metaphor concerning the Shepherd and His sheep?

How do these truths apply to our lives today?

Don’t forget to add to your list about who Jesus is!

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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