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Reading the Bible Together – Day 9


A.M. Reading: Genesis 8

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

As review, what had God said He would do regarding Noah and his family?

Did God keep His word?

After the 40 days and nights of rain were they able to immediately get off of the ark? Why or why not?

How did Noah know when the waters had receded?

How did Noah know it was actually time to get off the ark?

What was the first thing that Noah did after leaving the ark?

Why would worship be so important?

How did the Lord respond to Noah’s worship?

How does God describe man’s heart?

In spite of this truth, what promises does God make?

P.M. Reading: John 4:1-30

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Describe the location where John 4 takes place.

Why was it unusual for Jesus to speak to this Samaritan woman?

When Jesus speaks to her about “living water”, does she understand?

Jesus is speaking spiritually, but how is she hearing?

How does this remind you of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus?

How did Jesus demonstrate to her who He was?

What truth does He declare about true worshipers?

What does Jesus finally reveal to the woman about Himself?

What, then, did the woman do?

We learned some truths today about worship … from Noah … and from Jesus speaking with the woman at the well.

How would these truths apply to your life?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!