Reading the Bible Together – Day 40

DAY 40

A.M. Reading: Genesis 39

Genesis 39 Questions Worth Pondering:

Where was Joseph taken?

Who bought Joseph?

Consider the importance of the statement, “The Lord was with Joseph.”

Considering all that Joseph’s brothers had done to him and the fact that he is now a slave, would the circumstances of his life seem to indicate that the Lord was with him?

A “think” question: How would you reconcile those two opposing ideas?

How was it observable that the Lord was with Joseph?

Why did Joseph find favor in Potiphar’s house?

What did Potiphar do because of this?

As Joseph served Potiphar, who brought the blessings to his household?

Describe the situation with Potiphar s wife.

Under repeated temptations, how does Joseph show that he is a man of integrity?

What reasons does Joseph give for refusal of Potiphar’s wife?

How do his reasons reflect both respect for Potiphar and dedication to the Lord?

How does Potiphar’s wife both lie and deceive to retaliate against Joseph’s righteous actions?

How does she also blame and disrespect her husband?

How did Potiphar respond to the accusations against Joseph?

Why would the other men of the house corroborate her story?

What does Potiphar do in response?

In spite of unjust treatment once again, what phrases are used regarding the Lord and Joseph?

A “think” question: Compare Joseph’s position in Potiphar’s house to His position in the prison. Locate all of the parallel phrases. What can we learn about God’s faithfulness to His people, even in the most distressing and “unfair” circumstances?

Think upon these things!

P.M. Reading: Genesis 40

Genesis 40 Questions Worth Pondering:

Describe the situation with the butler and the baker.

How did they meet Joseph?

How can you see Joseph’s genuine care for the men?

Describe the butler’s dream.

What interpretation did Joseph give?

Who does Joseph credit with the interpretation?

What request does Joseph make of the butler? Why?

Describe the baker’s dream.

What interpretation did Joseph give?

Did the interpretations come true?

Did the butler remember Joseph’s request?

A “think” question: As hope arose that Joseph may be brought out of prison, but that hope failed to come to pass, was there any failure in God’s care for Joseph? Joseph had made an attempt to get out of prison, understandably so, but how can we know it was not God’s time for Joseph to get out of prison? Explain your thoughts. Include your thought about God’s trustworthiness.

Think upon these things.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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