Reading the Bible Together – Day 37

DAY 37

A.M. Reading: Genesis 35

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Following the incident with Dinah, what things did God instruct Jacob to do?

How is the current situation similar to when Jacob was fleeing from Esau?

What does Jacob require of his household and all those who are with him?

A “think” question: What would putting away foreign gods, purifying themselves, and changing their clothes symbolize?

How does Jacob describe God?

What did God cause to happen in the surrounding cities?

How can we see God’s protection as Jacob obeys Him? Did Jacob need to fear?

When God appeared to Jacob, what things did God once again reaffirmed Jacob?

What happens to Rachel?

What does she name the child? (That name meant Son of My Sorrows.)

What does Jacob name him? (That name meant Son of My Right Hand.)

What sin is noted about Reuben?

Complete the list of the twelve sons of Jacob and their mothers.

They will become known as the twelve tribes of Israel (by Jacob’s new name).

P.M. Reading: John 21

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Jesus has been resurrected and has appeared to the disciples on two separate occasions.

John concludes his gospel by describing yet another appearance of the resurrected Lord.

What is the setting?

Who are the people there?

What are they doing?

Where was Jesus? Did they immediately recognize Him?

What miracle did Jesus perform?

Who first recognized Him?

How did the disciples respond?

What does Jesus prepare for them?

Can you recall another time when Jesus fed them and others with bread and fish?

Jesus then addresses Peter.

Describe Jesus’ questions and Peter’s answers.

Based upon Peter’s love for the Lord, what doe He command Peter to do?

Explain the symbolism of sheep and what Jesus is calling Peter to do.

What does Jesus reveal about the future and Peter’s death?

In spite of that truth, what does Jesus tell Peter to do?

How does Jesus respond when Peter asks about John’s future?

A “think” question: How can Jesus’ answer about John strengthen us to do what Jesus calls us to do, no matter what others are called to do? How would “What is that to you? You follow Me.” be an important truth for every believer?

How does John reaffirm that His gospel is true?

How do we know that as an eyewitness of all the things he recorded, he had selected truths to reveal that Jesus Christ is the Christ, the Son of God, but that there were many more things that Jesus did?

A “think” question: What were the truths in the gospel of John that truly impacted you? Who could you share those with?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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