Reading the Bible Together – Day 36

DAY 36

A.M. Reading: Genesis 34

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

What did Dinah (Jacob and Leah’s daughter) do?

How did her curiosity about the pagan women of the land bring her into great danger?

What disgraceful thing did Shechem do?

What does Shechem request of his father?

What is Jacob’s response when he hears that Dinah has been defiled?

What words describe the feelings her brothers have?

What phrases describe what Shechem had done?

What type of deal does Hamor and Shechem attempt to make?

How do Dinah’s brothers deal deceitfully?

How did Hamor and Shechem convince the men of the city to get circumcised?

Three days later, what things did Simeon and Levi do?

How does Jacob respond?

A “think” question: Why were Jacob’s sons’ actions unjust? One man – Shechem- had violated Dinah. What would have been appropriate punishment?

P.M. Reading: John 20

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Jesus had been crucified. He had declared that His work was finished. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus had taken the body of Jesus and placed it in a tomb.

Read Matthew 27:57-66.

What things do we learn about the stone that was rolled against the entrance of the tomb?

What do we learn about the guards?

Read Matthew 28:1-7.

What happens to the stone and to the guards?

How do the angels explain the events?

Now return to John 20.

Who do the women run to?

What do Peter and John find when they get to the tomb?

Did the disciples yet fully understand the resurrection?

Where did the disciples go?

What do the angels ask Mary?

Who appears to Mary?

Does she recognize Him?

Who does she think He is?

What caused her to finally recognize Him?

What instructions does He give to Mary?

Why were the disciples shut in with locked doors?

What did Jesus do?

How did He reveal who He was?

How did the disciples respond?

What does Jesus say and do?

How does Thomas, who was not with them, respond?

Eight days later as the doors were again shut, with the disciples inside, Jesus appears again.

Describe the interaction between Jesus and Thomas.

Who does Jesus say are blessed?

In John’s gospel, did he record all the signs that Jesus performed?

What was John’s purpose in writing this book?

A “think” question: Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God? Have you found life in His name? If so, how would you explain these truths to someone else? If not, why not believe today?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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