Reading the Bible Together – Day 35

DAY 35

A.M. Reading: Genesis 33

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Recall what God had told Jacob to do and what God had said He would do.

Recall how Jacob felt when he heard Esau was coming with 400 men.

A “think” question: Explain the difference that occurs when someone focuses on what God has said opposed to what emotions arise when one looks at “earthly” circumstances.

In Chapter 33, Jacob and Esau meet face to face.

Did Jacob’s fears come to pass?

Describe the meeting between Jacob and Esau.

Did God fulfill His Word to Jacob?

When Jacob finally settles in the land, what does he build?

What does he name it?

That name meant “God, the God of Israel”.

Jacob (Israel) worshiped the LORD God – the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac.

A “think” question: Why is it so important that we trust and worship God, even when we face seemingly fearful circumstances? How do “what if” thoughts and fears stand in opposition to faith in what God has said? How does this apply today?

P.M. Reading: John 19

John Questions Worth Pondering:

The hour had come. Jesus was fulfilling the work that the Father had sent Him to do.

What does Pilate now do?

What do the soldiers do?

In v. 4 what does Pilate say again?

How do the chief priests and officers respond?

What does Pilate once again say?

What do the Jews then accuse Jesus of?

How does Pilate react?

As Pilate questions Jesus, what are His responses?

From that point on, what does Pilate seek to do?

What does Pilate declare to the Jews?

And, again, what was their response?

What was Pilate’s final action?

So what did the Jews do?

Then what final words did Pilate write?

What were the soldiers’ actions?

How were their actions a fulfillment of prophecy?

Who did Jesus ask to care for His mother?

What did the soldiers give Jesus to drink?

How is this a fulfillment of the prophecy in Psalm 69:21?

What did Jesus say as He died?

A “think” question: What had He finished?

What did the soldiers do to those being crucified?

Did they break Jesus’ legs?

How is this a fulfillment of prophecy?

What did the soldier do to Jesus’ side?

How is this a fulfillment of prophecy?

Who were Joseph of Arimamthea and Nicodemus?

What was strikingly similar about them?

What did these two men do to honor Jesus?

Read Acts 2:22-23 as Peter later preaches. Compare with John 19.

A “think” question: Although we know that it was by the hands of wicked men that Jesus was crucified, how do we know it was also God’s perfect plan and the finished work that Jesus was sent to do? How does this truth apply to your life today?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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