Reading the Bible Together – Day 34

DAY 34

A.M. Reading: Genesis 32

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Jacob and Laban had departed from one another on peaceful terms. God had indeed been with Jacob as He said He would.

What does Jacob see as he continues on his way?

What does Jacob say as he is assured that God is still with him?

Now Jacob must face Esau.

Recall what had happened between Jacob and Esau all those years before.

What had Esau said regarding Jacob? (Genesis 27:41)

What message does Jacob send to Esau?

How does Jacob respond when he hears that Esau is coming to him with four hundred men?

Why does Jacob divide his people?

Then Jacob calls out to the Lord God.

“Think” questions: How do you hear humility in Jacob’s prayer? How is Jacob’s prayer based upon God’s own word? How is Jacob’s prayer based upon God’s covenant? How can these truths help us as we pray?

Describe how Jacob has instructed each company to address Esau?

Once Jacob was alone, Scripture describes him wrestling with a “Man.”

To understand more of who the “Man” was look at the insight given as He changes Jacob’s name.

What was his name changed to? Why?

Note: For additional insight see Hosea 12:3-5. The Angel of the Lord is believed by most Bible scholars to be the pre-incarnate Christ.

Note: The name Jacob meant “deceiver”, but the name Israel means “he struggles with God”.

A “think” question: The Biblical account of Jacob shows a physical, enduring struggle with God as he knows all that God has promised him yet fearing what he would surely experience as he comes face to face with Esau and his past. Today we do not face such a physical struggle with God, but how can we face spiritual struggles with Him? Can we always find God faithful to what He has spoken?

Think upon these truths!

P.M. Reading: John 18

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Immediately after Jesus’ prayer from the previous chapter, where do Jesus and His disciples go?

Indeed, the hour had come.

Very prayerfully and carefully read Chapter 18. As you read note everything you learn about:


The detachment of troops-

Jesus’ knowledge and response-

Peter’s immediate response-

Jesus’ instruction to Peter and reason-



Peter and the other disciples-

Jesus’ response to Annas-

Nearby officer-

Jesus’ response to the officer-

Being sent to Caiaphas-

Significance of the rooster crowing-


The Jews-

The King of the Jews-

Jesus’ responses to Pilate-

Pilate’s response to the Jews-

Jews response when Pilate offers to release Jesus-

The hour had come. The events were unfolding just as they had been ordained before the foundation of the world. Jesus is fulfilling the work that the Father had sent Him to do.

Pray regarding the truths in this passage.

Think upon these things.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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