Reading the Bible Together – Day 33

DAY 33

A.M. Reading: Genesis 31

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

What changes arose between Laban and his sons toward Jacob? Why?

What does the Lord direct Jacob to do?

Recalling God’s covenant, who is the God that Jacob is trusting and serving?

As the Lord tells Jacob what to do, what does the Lord say HE will do?

As the rest of the chapter unfolds, name all the situations or problems that arise and ways that you can see that God was with Jacob.

A “think” question: When the Lord directs His people to do something, He is always with them as they do it! How does that truth apply to you today?

P.M. Reading: John 17

John Questions Worth Pondering:

As Jesus has prepared His disciples for His departure, assuring them it is for their benefit that He goes away and that He will send the Holy Spirit, He turns and prays to the Father. These are His last words before His enemies come to arrest and ultimately crucify Him. Let’s walk verse by verse, and truth by truth, through His prayer.

What does Jesus mean by saying “the hour has come”?

How will Jesus glorify the Father?

What has the Father given to Jesus?

What will Jesus give to those that the Father had given to Him?

According to verse 3, what is eternal life?

Now as Jesus finishes the work that the Father sent Him to do, what does He pray the Father would do for Him?

Explain Jesus’ place before the world was.

Jesus then prays for the disciples.

What has He done for those men?

Who gave them to Jesus?

What have they kept?

What do the disciples now know?

What did they receive from Jesus?

Who does Jesus pray for?

Who does He not pray for?

What does He pray for the disciples? Why?

Who has been keeping them?

Who was the only one who was lost? Why?

What does Jesus pray would be fulfilled in them?

Again, what has Jesus given them? v.14

What does Jesus pray regarding the disciples relationship with the world?

By what means does Jesus pray that God would sanctify them?

Note: “Sanctify” means to be set apart to God for His purposes.

Jesus declares that God’s Word is ______________.

Where will Jesus send them?

How will they be sanctified?

Jesus then prays for all who would believe through their word.

What does He pray for them?

What will the world know through them?

What does Jesus pray to be the final destination of those who are His?

What was the relationship between the Father and the Son, even before the foundation of the world?

What do the disciples and all believers know?

What does Jesus pray will be in them?

A “think” question: Looking back over all Jesus prayed, and knowing that He prayed perfectly in the Father’s will, what things can we be assured of?

Think deeply!

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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