Reading the Bible Together – Day 32

DAY 32

A.M. Reading: Genesis 30

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Describe the relationship between Rachel and Leah.

How does that relationship affect Rachel and Jacob?

How do you see the problem continue between Rachel and Leah?

Describe what took place regarding the mandrakes.

Note: To really understand why Rachel wanted the mandrakes so badly, check out some Bible dictionaries to find out what mandrakes were. (They were plants, believed in the ancient culture, to have an aphrodisiac and improved fertility effect.)

Who is the one who actually opened Rachel’s womb?

Add to your list of all Jacob’s sons and his daughter. List their mothers.

Describe Jacob’s agreement with Laban regarding the flocks and herds.

How does the Lord prosper Jacob?

P.M. Reading: John 17

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Today read John 17 with an awareness that the disciples were hearing God the Son communing with God the Father.

Pay special attention to the word “given” – all the things “given” by the Father and all the things “given ” by the Son.

Think upon these truths.

We will return to this chapter tomorrow.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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