Reading the Bible Together – Day 29

DAY 29

A.M. Reading: Genesis 27 – Genesis 28:5

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Isaac has aged. As was customary, he desired to give a blessing to his son.

Recall what God had said at the time of the twins’ births (Genesis 25:23).

Also recall that Isaac loved Esau, but Rebekah loved Jacob.

Describe Isaac’s request, Esau’s actions, Rebekah’s request, and Jacob’s actions.

How can we see both Isaac and Rebekah attempting to bring about their own desires for their sons?

Would God have been able to perform what He had said without human hands, and their lying and deception?

How was Isaac’s blessing to Jacob in agreement with what God had said?

What was Isaac’s reaction when the deception was revealed? v. 33.

Did he change the blessing? (Evidently at some point, Isaac remembered or submitted to what God had said about his sons and left the blessings as they were spoken.)

Read Hebrews 11:20. How were the blessings given?

How does Esau react?

What does Rebekah do?

How does she get Isaac to agree to send Jacob to her brother?

In Genesis 28:3-4, how can we see that Isaac honors Jacob as the heir to the covenant that God made with Abraham, and then with Isaac?

God’s Word will stand. However, consequences remain for Jacob’s deception.

P.M. Reading: John 15:1-11

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Jesus continues to prepare His disciples for His departure. He uses an example of the vineyard, which the people of that day understood.

Who does Jesus say that He is?

Add to your list of who Jesus is.

Who are the branches?

Who is the vinedresser (the one who cares for the vine and the branches)?

What does the vinedresser do to the one who does not bear fruit?

What does the vinedresser do to the branch that bears fruit? Why?

In what passage has Jesus already told them that they were clean? (John 13:10-11)

Who was not “clean” in that passage?

So in the current passage, was Judas a branch bearing fruit or a branch not bearing fruit?

Now, speaking to His disciples, Jesus gives another instruction.

What does He tell them to do? Add this to your list of what Jesus told His disciples to do.

(Note: The Word “abide” means “to stay or to remain”).

What is the only way the believer can bear fruit?

And apart from Him, what can we do?

Note the contrast. Abiding in Him produces MUCH fruit. Not abiding produces NOTHING!

What happens to the one not in the vine?

Read verses 7-8. Compare with 14:13-14.

A ” think” question: What is the connection between abiding in Jesus and His words abiding in us, asking in His Name, asking whatever we will, bearing much fruit, and the Father being glorified?

Jesus has said to abide n Him and let His words abide in us.

Next what are we told to abide in?

How do we abide in His love?

How did Jesus abide in the Father’s love?

Recall in Chapter 14 how someone demonstrates that they love Jesus.

And it is there where He wants us to remain!

What is the result of abiding in Jesus, having His words abide in us, and abiding in His love (keeping His commandments – the things He is telling His disciples to do)? The result is ______________________.

(Note: He told us in Chapter 14 that He left His peace with us. Now he is telling us how we receive His joy! Interesting that love, joy, and peace are the first three things in the list of the fruit of the Spirit! Fruit from abiding in Him! Fruit of the Spirit within!)

Glory to His name!

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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