Reading the Bible Together – Day 27

DAY 27

A.M. Reading: Genesis 25

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Does Abraham have other children?

Recall that a part of the covenant with Abraham was that through him all nations would be blessed. Through his linage would come the Messiah. Therefore, we see all of the genealogies listed in the Bible. You will also notice the chosen line … not Ishmael, but Isaac. And we will see that pattern repeated.

Why did Abraham give all that he had to Isaac?

Does he give anything to his other sons?

Why did he send the other sons away from Isaac?

At Abraham’s death, who did God bless? Why?

Did God fulfill the things He said He would do concerning Ishmael? Explain.

Where did Isaac turn when he and his wife had no children (descendants)?

How did God answer?

What does God say regarding their children?

Describe the two sons.

“Think” Questions: How can we see God fulfilling His Word regarding the two sons?

How can we see that the lineage of the Messiah would again be “Through this son, not this son”?

P.M. Reading: John 14:1-14

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Let’s continue looking at what Jesus was telling His disciples just before His death, burial, and resurrection.

Reread John 13:1, 33, 36.

What is He telling them?

Does Peter understand?

This conversation is continued in Chapter 14.

Where is Jesus going and what is He going to do?

Why is He doing this?

Does Thomas understand?

How does Jesus answer him?

Add to your list of who Jesus is!

What is the only way one can come to the Father?

How would they know the Father?

Does Phillip understand?

Complete the following important truths:

The one who has seen Jesus has seen ________________.

Jesus is in ___________________.

The Father is in ______________.

The words Jesus spoke were from ____________________.

The works that Jesus did were from ___________________.

The ___________________ dwells in Jesus.

Jesus is in _______________________.

The Father is in ________________.

Where is Jesus going?

Because He goes to the Father, what kind of works will the believer do?

How will those works be done?

How is the Father glorified?

Think about your list of what Jesus was teaching the disciples, and add what He is now instructing them to do.

A “think” question: Here are some of the truths Jesus was teaching His disciples: In humility, serve one another as He served. Love one another as He loved. Ask, in His name, that He may do the work so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Are these the truths that guide our lives?

Think on these truths.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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