Reading the Bible Together – Day 26

DAY 26

A.M. Reading: Genesis 24

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Sarah has died and Abraham is aging.

What does Abraham make his loyal servant swear to him?

Why did Abraham forbid his servant from taking Isaac back to the land where Abraham’s family was?

Who did Abraham say that God would send before the servant?

What does the servant pray to the Lord?

What kind of heart attitude would the girl possess who would be an answer to that prayer?

What happened regarding that prayer?

In addition to the heart attitude the servant had prayed for, how is the young maiden described?

Whose family was she from?

How did Abraham’s servant respond to the Lord?

How did he describe the Lord’s relationship with Abraham?

How did Rebekah’s family respond?

How can we, once again, see God’s faithfulness to His covenant with Abraham?

P.M. Reading: John 13:18-38

John Questions Worth Pondering:

After showing His disciples how, in humility, they were to serve one another, Jesus reveals something that one of the disciples is about to do.

Why is Jesus troubled in spirit?

Did the disciples know who He was speaking about?

How did He fulfill the Scriptures as He exposed the one who would betray Him?

Did the disciples understand what Jesus was saying to Judas?

After Judas departed, Jesus began teaching them again.

What is He explaining to them?

What commandment does He give them?

In what manner were they to perform it?

What would others know when they saw the disciples fulfill the command?

Add this commandment to your list about what Jesus was teaching His disciples before His death.

Did Peter understand what Jesus was explaining about His leaving?

How does Peter demonstrate overconfidence in himself?

How does Jesus respond?

A “think” question: How are the teachings that Jesus is leaving with His disciples still relevant to believers today?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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