Reading the Bible Together – Day 24

DAY 24

And for us … God provided The Lamb of God!

A.M. Reading: Genesis 22

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Chapter 22 is one of the most amazing accounts of the testing of faith that one could imagine.

How does God test Abraham’s faith? What does He tell Abraham to do?

How does Abraham respond?

Recall all the things that God had promised Abraham in the covenant that He had made with Abraham concerning Isaac. Even when Abraham wanted the blessings of the covenant to come through Ishmael, what had God said?

Knowing clearly what God had promised concerning Isaac, how is this command from God a test as to whether or not Abraham would believe all that God had promised?

How thoroughly does Abraham obey God?

What does Abraham tell Isaac when he asks about where the offering is?

When did God stop Abraham?

What did God now “know” about Abraham’s faith?

How did God provide?

What did Abraham call the place?

How did God, once again, reconfirm the covenant that He had made with Abraham?

Let’s “think”:

We have been learning much about who Jesus is as we have been reading through the book of John. What symbolic truths about Jesus parallel this account of Abraham and Issac? Try to think of at least three.

The Light of the World came … so that we would not remain in darkness. Praise His Name!

P.M. Reading: John 12:38-50

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Chapter 12 concludes with a tragic picture of the unbelieving Jews.

What had Jesus shown them all this time?

Yet what was the state of their heart?

John then quotes from Isaiah.

Isaiah 6 explains how Isaiah was sent to preach to the nation of Israel though they would not hear.

How was this similar to what Jesus was sent to do?

What was the state of their eyes?

What was the state of their hearts?

Nevertheless, what does John say of some of the rulers?

Tragically, why wouldn’t those rulers confess Him?

What does it look like when someone loves the praise of men more than the praise of God?

Yet, Jesus cries out one more time.

Let’s look carefully at the truths He declares.

When someone believes in Jesus, who are they believing in?

When someone by faith “sees” Jesus, who does He see?

Why did Jesus come as a light into the world?

But, what if someone hears Jesus’ words and does not believe?

Did Jesus come to judge?

What did He come to do?

For the one who rejects Jesus and does not receive His words, will judgment come?

What will judge him?

When will that judgment take place?

Did Jesus speak on His own authority?

Who commanded Him what He should say and what He should speak?

What is the Father’s command?

Therefore, what can we KNOW about everything that Jesus spoke?

Think deeply upon these truths.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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