Reading the Bible Together – Day 23

DAY 23

A.M. Reading: Genesis 21

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

God’s appointed time had come!

How does God fulfill His promise to Abraham?

What did they name this child of promise?

What had God told Abraham in Genesis 17:19?

Note: The name Isaac means “laughter” or “he laughs.”

Why is this such a fitting name for this child?

A couple years later, we see Ishmael laughing at Isaac in a different way.

What does Ishmael do?

What occurs as a result of this situation? (Include Sarah’s response, Abraham’s response, and God’s response.)

Recall what God told Hagar in Genesis 16:11-12.

Recall what God told Abraham in Genesis 17:20.

In the light of what God said, was He going to let Ishmael die?

What does God reconfirm to Hagar in 21:18?

Does God always keep His Word?

The chapter concludes with Abraham and Abimelech making a covenant with one another, not only between themselves, but also including who? (Verse 23)

In the final verse of the chapter, as Abraham worships, what does he call God?

Why is that important?

Note: In the account of Ishmael and Issac, it may seem difficult to understand why things occurred as they did and why God said to cast out Ishmael with the bondwoman. However, in Galatians 4, the Apostle Paul uses this very account to illustrate a very important truth. In a symbolic way, he shows that Hagar’s son was according to the flesh, but Sarah’s son was according to promise (by faith). He explains why salvation could never be according to the works of the flesh trying to keep the law, and that salvation is according to promise (by faith) in God’s promised Son, Jesus Christ. The works of the flesh could never inherit what God has promised in salvation by faith. Likewise, Ishmael (born according to works of the flesh) could never be heir with Issac (born according to promise by faith).

It is amazing how the Scriptures build truth upon truth!

P.M. Reading: John 12:20-36

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Jesus finally says that the hour has come.

Did you notice how God again works according to His appointed time?

What spiritual truth is He declaring as He begins to talk of the grain of wheat?

How does this relate to the death that He will soon face?

How does this also relate to anyone who wishes to serve Him?

Why is Jesus’ soul troubled?

Will He ask the Father to deliver Him from this hour? Why or why not?

What does He ask the Father to do?

Describe the Father’s immediate answer.

What explanations did those who witnessed this event give?

What explanation did Jesus give?

What did He reveal about His death?

Once again, did the people understand?

What truths did Jesus declare about light and darkness?

How does someone become sons of light?

A “think” question: What has been the consistent thing that Jesus is calling the people to do? What is the relationship between “believing” and “faith”?

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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