Reading the Bible Together – Day 15

DAY 15

A.M. Reading: Genesis 14

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

In ancient times, as well today, sometimes one king or nation would rise up against another or band together with others to overtake a neighboring kingdom. In doing so, they would take their possessions, take their people into captivity, and rule over them. Such is the setting in Genesis 14.

Where is Lot living at this time?

What then happens to Lot?

When Abram gets word of this occurrence, what is his response?

What was the result of His actions?

In the blessing of Melchizedek, what do we learn about Abram’s victory?

How does Abram respond to the King of Sodom’s offer? Why?

From this passage, what can we learn about Abram?

P.M. Reading: John 6:22-71

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Why are the people seeking Jesus?

A think question: What is the difference between physical food and physical healing and spiritual food and spiritual healing?

Remember how often Jesus was speaking “spiritual” truth, but his hearers were hearing in “physical” terms. Therefore, they did not understand.

What does Jesus declare of Himself in verse 35?

Jesus declares that He came down from Heaven for a purpose. What was that purpose?

How did the Jews respond?

What is Jesus explaining in verses 47-48, 50-51?

How did the Jews then respond?

Are they hearing the wonderful spiritual truths that He is teaching or are they only hearing in “physical” terms?

Jesus then begins to speak of His death and resurrection, using these same symbolic spiritual truths … of His flesh and His blood.

Were the people able to hear and understand? Why or why not?

Why would they say these are hard sayings?

If Jesus was speaking of eating His literal physical flesh, and drinking His literal physical blood would that seem like a hard saying to us?

Note: The Jewish people should have known He was not speaking in literal physical terms because the law forbade them from eating or drinking blood!

How does Jesus clarify in verse 63 that He is speaking spiritually?

Why did many of the disciples stop following Him?

Why did Simon Peter declare that they would not stop following Him?

What had they come to understand?

Add to your list about who Jesus is.

So many truths to think upon. Ask the Lord for understanding whenever you feel you need it.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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