Reading the Bible Together – Day 12

DAY 12

A.M. Reading: Genesis 11

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

Recall in Genesis 8:21 how God had described the heart of man.

After the flood, what had God told the people to do .. To be fruitful and multiply and do what?

In chapter 11, what did the people decide to do?

In what ways would this be dishonoring and disobedient to God?

How did God respond? Why?

Why was this place called Babel?

Note: The word “Babel” means confusion.

In Genesis 10:9-10, whose kingdom was Babel?

Note: The name Nimrod means “rebel” or “rebellion”.

How can we see rebellion take place in Babel?

Does God ignore the rebellion?

How does this passage show that the imagination of man’s heart is evil as God had said?

The remainder of chapter 11 gives the genealogy from Noah’s son Shem to Abram, who will be used by God in His great plan to bring the Savior into the world.

Review: In Genesis 1-11 we discovered the answers to many questions that that almost all people ask:

How did this world begin?

Where did all things on the earth come from?

Why are their differences between male and female?

Why are there struggles, hurt, temptation, and sin on earth?

Is there a God who judges sin?

What is the problem with the human heart?

Why are the nations divided and speak different languages?

How amazing that God has answered these questions right in the beginning chapters of the Bible. Oh, if His creation would listen!

The importance of hearing and believing the words of Jesus!

P.M. Reading: John 5:16-47

John Questions Worth Pondering:

Review the first part of this chapter about Jesus healing the man who had the infirmity for 38 years.

How did the Jews respond?

What two things were they accusing Jesus of?

Jesus then gives an amazing discourse which reveals deep truths about Himself and the Father.

(I strongly recommend that you write the following activity out.)

Divide a sheet of paper into four columns.

Title the first column “The Father”.

Title the second column “Jesus, The Son”.

Title the third column “Those Who Believe”.

Title the fourth column “Those Who Do Not Believe”.

Slowly and thoughtful read verses16-47.

In the corresponding column write the truths that Jesus reveals about the Father, the Son, and those who hear Him.

Ponder the truths you see.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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