Reading the Bible Together – Day 11

DAY 11

All people … all nations … all have common ancestors!

A.M. Reading: Genesis 10

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

This chapter is another genealogy listing.

Who are the three sons of Noah?

What are the common phrases listed in v. 5, v. 20, and v. 31?

Remember how Genesis 2 gave greater detail about the preceding chapter regarding the creation of the man and woman?

The upcoming chapter (Genesis 11) will give further detail of the cause of the dividing of these nations and their languages.

For now, describe Nimrod and his kingdom.

(The map included below is from the John MacArthur Study Bible.)

P.M. Reading: John 5:1-15

John Questions Worth Pondering:

What is the setting of this passage?

Just for information, it was common for sick people to congregate around pools of water or springs that would bubble up (often heated from underground) believed to have healing or medicinal purposes. Even today, resorts are built around springs believed to have healing effects.

Describe the man with the infirmity.

What was the interaction between Jesus and this man?

Very important to note: HOW did Jesus heal the man?

Why is that significant?

What did Jesus then tell the man?

Tomorrow we will look at the Jews response and truths Jesus declares to them.

But for now, add to your list of the miracles of Jesus.

Then add to your list of who Jesus is and what major truths you learn about Him.

Continue to ponder these truths.

Jesus spoke, and it was so!

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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