Reading the Bible Together – Day 2


A.M. Reading: Genesis 2

Genesis Questions Worth Pondering:

How do the first few verses in chapter 2 relate to chapter 1?

Describe, according to detail given, how the man was created.

What was his God-given purpose?

In chapter 1, all of God’s creation was repeatedly declared as “good”.

What does God declare as “not good” in chapter 2?

How does God address that situation?

Describe, according to detail given, how the woman was made?

In the words of Scripture, describe the woman’s purpose.

What was their purpose together?

[Important Note: Scripture indicates that God does not call all people into marriage (1 Corinthians 7), but for the married, there are deep truths in this passage that reveal God’s perfect design regarding marriage.]

In what practical ways do these truths relate to you?

One last question: Should God have had authority over the man to command him? Why or why not?

Pray over these truths and think deeply upon them.

P.M. Reading: John 1:1-28

John Questions Worth Pondering:

What was John the Baptist’s purpose?

Who is the True Light?

Yesterday we listed things we learned about Jesus. Perhaps you didn’t write the list. Let’s start a written list about who Jesus is. From verses 1-28 write everything you learn about Jesus. (Keep this list. We will be adding to it.)

According to verses 12-13, how does one become a child of God?

How do these truths apply to your life?

Think often on the truths about who Jesus Christ is.

May the Word of Christ dwell richly within!

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