Note about Blog Updates

To all of you who have followed the Wisdom and Kindness blog through email,

Thank you for your interest and participation through the Wisdom and Kindness blog over the years. We are going to be doing some additions to the blog. Because you requested to receive posts by email, you will be receiving numerous emails over the next few days, as we seek to add articles and readings to the blog.

Feel free to ignore or delete the emails. All content can be found on the blog to be accessed at your convenience. I hope that you won’t feel inundated with emails over the next few days. You are only receiving them because you are following by email, therefore, the program sends them automatically. After a brief period of time, posts will resume a normal schedule.

Thanks for your understanding.

We are also adding a new page to the blog called “Reading the Bible Together.” It is designed for those who would like to read the Bible regularly along with us. A few questions are also included, which are optional, but may be used for study or meditation.

We pray this new addition will be a blessing.

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